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We guide you through each step of the branding process and provide expert advice, insights and solutions that are tailored to your unique brand.

Brand Implementation & Development

We are as committed to your brand as you are, and we do everything we can to see it succeed. Our comprehensive brand development service supports you with the roll-out and implementation of your new brand, and beyond. Whether you intend to soft launch your new brand identity or plan PR around a big reveal, we make it our mission to assist you with a seamless transition. And we like to stick around long after that to support your growth, helping you nurture and progress your brand as your business flourishes.

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Brand Positioning

Detailed audience research and competitor analysis underpins the whole branding process. Through our own exploration—coupled with your insights into what makes your customers tick—we make it our mission to gain a thorough understanding of the marketplace in which you operate. We consider this critical knowledge at each stage of the design journey, and let it guide and inform how we position your brand.

Strategic Branding

We are here to respond to your unique business challenges, your commercial goals, and your aspirations for the future. We use these insights to develop a considered brand strategy that aligns with your vision. Through this strategic branding process, we are able to identify areas with the greatest opportunities and provide recommendations to improve clarity, credibility and brand recognition.

Refreshing Existing Branding

We are the Manchester branding agency of choice for brands who are ready for a refresh, or even a complete redesign. We look at where your business has come from and where you intend on going, to make educated and imaginative recommendations for how to evolve and elevate your existing branding. Whether you’re looking for a subtle brand refresh or a more daring and disruptive design, our team of brand design experts in Manchester will handle your rebranding project with great care and consideration.

Branding Experts

Our reputation as one of Manchester’s leading creative agencies is no accident. We are represented by some of the most brilliant branding minds in the business, who respect the critical role that branding and visual identity play in the success of your business. From your brand name and logo to your tone of voice and value proposition, our expert team use their skills, experience and imagination to innovate and take your brand to the next level.

Brand Guidelines & Visual Identity

Good branding goes beyond creating a logo, and outstanding branding goes even further than that. We provide a comprehensive set of brand guidelines to empower you to apply your new marque and brand identity across any digital and print application. This allows you to confidently work with graphic designers, web devlopers, videographers and other creatives, knowing that your visual style is being upheld and respected.

Global Experience

Our humble Manchester design studio has captured the interest and trust of clients across the globe. From London and Manchester to Australia, Canada and Iceland, we are honoured that businesses worldwide have sought out our branding expertise. Creating memorable, trustworthy brands for a diverse range of markets and sectors has given us a wealth of experience that benefits each and every client we service.

Creative Design Studio

Innovation and imagination are at the heart of what we do. We provide an agile, flexible approach to our bespoke branding services and invest ourselves in your business to deliver the very best outcomes. This personal approach keeps you in touch with the branding process and our design team. It’s what sets our creative design studio apart, and ensures that your project is delivered on time, on budget, and on brand.

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Award-winning, independent digital and design studio. We thrive on success, motivated by results and look to work with brands who want a competitive edge.

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