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Toni Marino is an independent, fully integrated, award-winning Freelance Graphic Designer in Manchester

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Freelance Graphic Designer Manchester

What is a freelance graphic designer?

My name is Toni Marino, a freelance graphic designer’ who’s role is to effectively communicate the message of a project, product or business visually through my design work. This work can take many forms including graphic design, brand identity, logo design, web design & development, packaging design, advertising, digital marketing and user experience (UX) design.

As a freelance graphic designer, I am skilled with the experience and knowledge to help you understand your audience better. This allows me to create specific design work that really appeals to your target audience which helps drive traffic to your website, build your customer base, hold on to loyal customers and drive new sales.

Let’s take a look at all the ways in which I could help your business.

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Freelance Graphic Designer Manchester

Graphic Design 

Graphic design is your company personality, it’s often the first impression for new customers and the thing that your loyal customers enjoy. Therefore, having the right graphic designer is important to help you reach new customers through beautiful design work.

Successful businesses have an iconic and unique design that their customers know, respect and love. Their customers associate their design with the company’s products, values and vision.

Brand Identity

Creating a brand tells your customers who you are and what you stand for. It helps develop a trusted relationship between you and your customers and builds a loyal following. Its also about separating yourself from the competition.

Strong branding should be clear and consistent throughout all your promotional materials. As a freelance graphic designer Manchester, I can help you create that brand package that will be found everywhere; from your packaging to your website adverts.

Logo Design

Many companies spend all their time thinking about the name of their company failing to realise that the logo design is actually more important. Humans are visual creatures and a good logo sticks with us, that’s why companies use their logos excessively in everything they do.

As a freelance graphic designer Manchester, I can assist with understanding what will work for your specific business from the image and style to the colour and shape. Usually, a great logo is simple in design but memorable. Think of any great logo that you love and consider it’s simple but brilliant design and the emotions it evokes.

Web Design & Development 

If your website doesn’t look fantastic and it fails to work like a dream then you can say goodbye to healthy website traffic. Your website is the very first impression to potential new customers and modern web users are fussy. They want a smart, contemporary and sleek design that works quickly and is super user-friendly.

As I am a freelance graphic designer Manchester, I can create or completely redesign your website to do just that. Everything from the position of your logo to the manner in which your drop-down menus work are important features that need to be considered.

Packaging Design 

Once you make a sale, the impression you have on your customers doesn’t and shouldn’t stop there. The moment they receive your package and open it they should be amazed at the effort and detail your company has put into it. It should make them feel special and appreciated.

A graphic designer can make packaging that achieves this ‘wow factor’, that helps impress your customers and keeps them buying from you again and again. You may even notice from time to time that people upload photos and videos of particularly good design packaging to their social media accounts. People love good design, they value it and enjoy sharing it.


Advertising is when you take your company to the public for everyone to see and by everyone, we mean thousands or even millions of potential customers. It is, therefore, absolutely essential that the design and quality of the adverts you put out there not only look great but are of high quality and most importantly engaging.

Due to my degree in Graphic design from prestigious UCLAN (University of Central Lancashire), I can help you create all manner of advertising formats including display ads, banners, full-page magazine adverts or even videos. Those adverts can then form a new advertising campaign; either in print or online or both! Keeping advertising consistent is important in maintaining a solid brand image and driving new customers to your business.

Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing is the strategy in which you deliver your company product or message via content. Digital marketing comes in many forms such as articles, blog posts, infographics, videos and more. Due to my expertise and experience being a freelance graphic designer Manchester, I can help you create awesome content that is engaging and drives people to your website increasing traffic and converting that traffic into sales. Which is what the whole point is, right?

It’s essential that any content you create for your business looks great before it is shared to the public. People are inundated with content all day long so to be successful, your content must look the part and most importantly add value to those reading, watching or listening.

With over a decades experience being a freelance graphic designer Manchester, I can also aid in repurposing old content by transforming it into new engaging content. For example, if you have an old blog post that was very successful when it was first published, as a graphic designer, I could revamp it and could turn that into a video. That video can then be published on your website. The video can also be chopped up into smaller videos which can then be shared on multiple social media sites to help you reach completely new customers. Those snippets can then be used for an advertising campaign. The ideas are endless when it comes to content repurposing.

User Experience Design 

User Experience Design or UX Design is all about your customer’s experience with your product. When thinking about UX design you don’t just consider how the product looks, you have to consider the way it feels, how it works and what value it adds for the customer. A product with solid UX Design creates loyal customers who fall in love with your product, your company and its vision.

I can help you build products, apps or even shop interiors that create unique user experiences by considering the design and functionality which helps keep customers coming back for more. Freelance graphic designer Manchester possibilities are endless!

Let’s talk and see the difference I can make to your company image!

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