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Logo Design and Graphic Design studio in Manchester. We produce professional logos and websites that help you stand out from the competition.

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Logo Design Manchester

Logos and brands. The very essence of what we’re all about.

We love logo design. We love looking at them, reading about them, analysing them, being wowed by them, often laughing at them, sometimes wishing we thought of it first and being amazed at how some folk get away with the rubbish that they finally get to market.

The best bit about a logo design or even a brand’s identity (we’ll come onto that, as the logo and brand are inextricably linked) is the way it can start as a nothing and ends up as a something truly beautiful. It may start life pre-planned or as an organic scribble on a work book or even a bus ticket. Who knows how it starts – creative inspiration is a wonderful thing.


We design logos & brand identities for forward thinking brands & organisations in Manchester.

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At the heart of every great brand is a lovely, distinctive logo.

At Toni Marino – logos, brandmarks, insignia, badges, symbols – call them what you will, exist for one of several reasons. And possibly the key reason is that every good brand is held together by its brandmark, or logo. And every brand across the world needs to differentiate itself from each other.

That’s where we come in, we don’t just build (or even strengthen) the brand. We make it look and feel different from the rest.  And that’s mainly down to, it’s not just a logo (that’s our first point of the brand’s identity) but we create a unique language that’s communicated across all forms of media. Or a ‘tone of voice’; as copywriters like to call it. OK, I’m going to be a little subjective here, why not? it’s my website after all. Brands are about feelings. How does a particular brand make you feel? What does that feeling mean to you, the consumer? And why do you feel attracted to revisiting that feeling?

Successful brands today are fundamentally based on feelings and emotions. The emotional meaning they hold for people is what gains them respect. Consider the world’s top brands today – Nike, Apple, Amazon… the list goes on. The customer keeps coming back to the brands they love, trust and want to be part of. And sometimes there’s no competition – brands like Nike and Apple are completely different companies. But then again, they are the best of that kind of band. So people keep going back to the best, whatever it sells or offers as a service – especially if they have money to spend.

Logo Design Manchester Studio

At Toni Marino, before embarking on any new branding, or even a single logo design, we get together and:

Talk about it

Define it

Get to the heart of what it means

The impact it can have on the businesses, and their competition

We’re pretty thorough – and it isn’t just a labour of love (we have bills to pay too).

We thoroughly recommend you get in touch if you want your logo design/branding to stand out from the crowd.

Email: hello@tonimarino.co.uk

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Award-winning, independent digital and design studio. We thrive on success, motivated by results and look to work with brands who want a competitive edge.

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