This strong, sleek brand design encapsulates ThreatKey’s extensive capabilities and conveys them through a trustworthy logo marque and brand identity.


ThreatKey is security simplified. In just a few clicks, companies can connect their cloud and SaaS providers, and in minutes ThreatKey gets to work. The ThreatKey platform comes ‘batteries included’ and enables businesses to find and fix security bugs in a single click, no security or technical experience necessary. ThreatKey brings enterprise security to companies of any size, is designed to scale, and benefits from network data effects. ThreatKey turns months of work into minutes.

Professional Branding

With ThreatKey’s skills and capabilities in mind, we set out to design a brand that encapsulated their myriad of USPs. The ‘key’ symbol was an obvious choice given the brand name, the nature of their service, and the complete turnkey security solution they provide for their customers. Our design team experimented with this symbol and other hallmarks of trust and security and arrived at the ‘knight’ logo marque.

This shape and its connotations embody the quality of ThreatKey’s product and service. In chess, the knight is one of the most powerful players in the game – a symbol of both defence and attack. The ‘key’ theme is layered into this marque, bending to form the knight shape. This strong, sleek logo marque is paired with a professional colour palette of rich navy and contrasting electric blue for a modern, refined brand design.

Brand Design

The brand design team at Toni Marino are passionate about creating powerful brands our clients can be proud of. We exceeded the expectations of ThreatKey and created a brand that truly encapsulates their ethos and capabilities, and conveys them to their customers at a single glance – the mark of a quality brand.

Could we do the same for your brand? Whether you have an established identity that you’re ready to evolve and optimise, or you are a new business looking for a brand designing from scratch, we can help. Contact to arrange a chat with the brand design team.

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