The Objective

Lord of the Fries is an award-winning, Australian-based, vegan fast food restaurant chain that offers both dine-in and takeout options spread across 30 locations in both Australia and New Zealand. Started in early 2004 by Mandy and Mark, and their mutual love for French fries – both Mandy, Mark and Mark’s brother Sam decided to re-create the beloved French fry, but in a more vegan-friendly way.

The goal? To make tasty vegan fast food that’s 100% plant-based, and only uses homegrown fresh produce. Fast forward to today, and now Lord of the Fries has turned into a thriving franchise with an expanded menu that includes: Veggie Burgers, Vegetarian Nuggets and Hot Dogs, Shakes, Spiders, Breakfast – and of course, the almighty (and delightfully crunchy!) French fry.

The biggest objective for Lord of the Fries was to expand their thriving brand online in order to reach even more customers and to scale the growth of their company.

This meant implementing and optimising a custom-tailored social media and Google Ads strategy that included captivating creatives, effective ads, as well as complete management of the entire process. The company was not only highly unique, with exceptional branding and amazing vegan food products, but what it severely lacked was a more dominant online presence and greater social reach.

The Partnership

When our team of experts partnered with Lord of the Fries, we quickly identified what needed to be done and went right to work. We did it all, from highly targeted Facebook advertising campaigns and management, Google location management, the creation of fresh and engaging social media content, branded business ads, and even mailbox management.

Not only did we quickly increase the number of followers for Lord of the Fries, but social engagement across all channels skyrocketed by 35%. During the entire process, we also shared monthly progress reports (based on analytical data) with Lord of the Fries so they could review the positive impact and increased growth we were generating for their company.


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