The Objective

CNP produces top-rated health products that include training-specific pre-workout formulas, sports supplements, protein powders and protein bars. In addition, their trendy line of gym-related merchandise supplies items like water bottles, shake bottles, and workout clothes.

CNP was looking for overall brand direction to get their name out there and drive up their digital visibility. Above all, they wanted to increase word-of-mouth advertising about the quality and utility of their products in a competitive and saturated industry.

We revved up their direct sales email marketing as a way to increase revenue and grow awareness of the brand and its products. We also fitted them with our web design services for a full revamp of their website and, relatedly, a distinct retooling of their social media accounts to drive traffic back to the site and further promote their offerings.


Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing
Website & Graphic Design
Brand Strategy
Art Direction

The Partnership

CNP has stayed onboard as an ambitious new partner for just over a year and has trusted in us to cultivate their customer base with a committed social media following and strategic email marketing campaigns that generate plenty of buzz for their products.

The campaigns we have helped created for them have now reached over 1,000,000 people. We have meticulously tailored and tied the marketing campaigns to their new social media ads and improved their onsite SEO all as a way to channel sales traffic as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Developing the new marketing material meant recruiting a skilled and motivated team of graphic designers to create the resonant brand imagery we wanted in circulation, along with an extensive project managing effort to deliver the desired results.

With the word out and a distinct, trademark aesthetic providing visible brand recognition; sales, site visits, and brand loyalty are now at an all-time high and continuing to grow.

Here at Toni Marino, our branding experts take great pride and passion in creating exceptional brands that will accurately represent your own products or services but also cut through all the noise and clutter in a very crowded business world.

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