Provita Medical


Provita is a Swedish medical equipment company that specialises in producing a wide variety of PPI products including medical-grade facemasks, respirators, body protection gear, as well as other essential health-based products. Their central focus is on producing only the highest quality PPI products in the market today, where quality control is always priority #1. Not only does Provita produce and ship their exclusive products locally throughout Sweden, but they’ve also shipped over 10 million of their popular facemasks to the USA alone.

The Objective

A business born in response to COVID, Provita is a shining example of how our agile approach takes brands to market at exactly the right time.

From their seed of an idea our team designed and developed beautiful branding, professional packaging, slick print and digital media, and a bespoke WordPress website to give Provita a global platform for success.

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The Partnership

When working with Provita Medical, we took a very close look at their company, their products, and a potential new rebrand that would truly reflect who they are, and what they offered to the world.

We then took this research and information and went hard to work. The end result was a completely clean and beautiful bespoke brand, a fully responsive and modern WordPress website, custom packaging design, as well as new print + digital media. This was not only a full team effort, but the final results are ones that both we and Provita are very proud of.


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