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The Shabby Store is the #1 Chic Furniture online store in the United Kingdom. They offer a wide variety of exceptional furniture pieces for the bedroom, living room, dining room as well as unique accessories, wall décor, and lighting fixtures. They’ve even recently supplied their line of furniture for the famous cleaning guru and celebrity, Mrs Hinch (Sophie Hinchliffe) – who’s widely known for her popular budget cleaning hacks and stunning home interiors.

The Objective

Despite their previous success and rise in the rankings, The Shabby Store noticed that their online presence was beginning to take a big hit.

Their search engine rankings were falling, along with their online traffic and sales conversions. It became quite clear to us that they were in great need of proper (and more targeted) SEO, as well as the addition of content marketing and even PPC (pay-per-click) ad campaigns in order to boost overall traffic levels. Once we had identified these core issues for their company, we went hard to work.


Social Strategy
Content Marketing
Web Development
Digital PR

The Partnership

We have been partnered up with The Shabby Store for just under one year and have been able to provide them with a variety of much-needed services that included: technical SEO, Content Marketing, and a PPC Consultation.

In a very short period of time, we were able to help them achieve the Top 3 ranking positions for over 50+ highly competitive keywords in the UK marketspace and also the #1 ranking position for several crucial Shabby Chic keywords. Traffic growth exploded to over 35% in less than 6 months, CTR (click through rates) increased along with sales conversions, and bounce rates we’re significantly reduced.

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