Blackbird the leading online service for editing and distributing online video content. Blackbird prides itself on lightning-fast, frame-accurate editing tools and a stringently secure cloud video editing platform that offers top-quality service and indispensable features to its customer base.

The Objective

Blackbird sought wider brand exposure that could significantly improve their web traffic. They wanted views and digital engagement substantial enough to elicit a fresh abundance of enquiries into their services.

We knew that a larger influx of site visitors would automatically garner solid enquiries, so we strategised specific ways to improve their organic SEO rankings. To tangibly measure the progress, we also provided a user-friendly interface to track the sites performance. This allowed Blackbird to easily correlate the site analytics with their overall ROI reporting, and seamlessly monitor their business progress.

The Partnership

We have now established Blackbird as digital partner for over a year. To keep their SEO optimisation effective, and current, we provide ongoing SEO detailing along with pay-per-click web ads that incentivise advertisers and rack up a much larger inflow of site visitors.

We initiated a complete Google Ad setup to further increase their visibility and concurrently optimised all of their landing pages with content and development that welcomes and properly directs all incoming visitors once they click on the ads. All onsite technical SEO issues have been improved to the point that Blackbird now occupies 20 of the top 3 keyword positions for SEO in their market space — a hefty rankings boost that directly raises their revenue on a minute-by-minute basis.


When you make the path to success a lot easier for your customers, you make it even easier for them to return to you.

Here at Toni Marino, we believe that simplicity is at the root of all success. That's why everything we do is tailored around your customers needs.

We offer exclusive digital products that make people want to buy from you. We also create digital marketing strategies that make people easily find you.

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