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Flawless Fine Jewellery has been offering exceptionally high quality and stunning fine jewellery in Hatton Garden since it first opened its doors in 2011. They now offer a wide selection of beautiful and stylish jewellery pieces that range from brilliant diamond pendants to bespoke engagement rings, and more – and all at very affordable prices. Due to the rising demand and popularity of their fine jewellery pieces, Flawless Fine Jewellery is now offering their stunning line of pendants and custom-made engagement rings on a global scale thanks to their online website. With their high standard of beautiful and timeless jewellery and friendly customer service, Flawless Fine Jewellery is now considered to be one of the best Hatton Garden Jewellers in today’s competitive jewellery market.

The Objective

When teaming up with Flawless Fine Jewellery, we quickly discovered that they needed a complete ‘digital makeover’ in order to greatly improve and expand their presence and success online.

The main objectives we focused on were working across various digital channels that included Social Media, Videography, Google Ads, as well as effective SEO integrations and optimisations.


Google Ads / CRO
Web Design / Development
Digital PR

The Partnership

Now being a trusted partner for over a year, we’ve made significant progress in helping Flawless Fine Jewellery grow their online presence (and overall sales + revenues). By making vast improvements and advancements in their company’s website SEO, growing their social media presence, mixing in proper promotional videography, and Google Ads to boost traffic, we’ve been able to get them fantastic results and a high ROI.

We’ve now helped them achieve a top position in the search engines for a very popular and lucrative keyword search phrase in their competitive market (within the UK) – ‘hatton garden jewellers’.

We believe now that Flawless Fine Jewellery has the proper foundations setup and in place online for their business, their growth and popularity will only continue to increase.

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Flawless Jewellery

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