Gym Gear

Gym Gear, one of the top online industry retailers for state-of-the-art fitness equipment, supplies independent and commercial gyms with free weights, cardio machines, and a variety of accessories for their fitness operations. They aspire to be one of the most reliable go-to sources for quality gym equipment that comes in a full range of choices.

The Objective

Because so much of their business relies on the accessibility of their website and the ease of navigating its products, Gym Gear required ongoing SEO, pay-per-click ad placements to increase their site traffic, and also full-service web design with corresponding social media development.

In short, Gym Gear needed a complete digital partner. One who could inaugurate their online presence from the ground up while working in a project manager role with a variety of freelancers and agencies that would build the brand’s digital identity as we moderated and oversaw the entire process.

The Partnership

Now a digital partner for over 4 years, we have project managed a completely new and cutting-edge bespoke WordPress website that includes a customised design based specifically on my own personal advice, experience, and industry insights.

With their well-devised website and the momentum of its traffic, Gym Gear is now the fastest growing fitness equipment brand in the UK. With our assistance, their social media marketing has also helped them to achieve the bestselling Airbike (Tornado) for 2 years running, and our ongoing optimisation upgrades and analytics monitoring continued to increase traffic and garner solid enquiries from both pay-per-click advertisements and a much stronger social media presence.


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Here at Toni Marino, we believe that simplicity is at the root of all success. That's why everything we do is tailored around your customers needs.

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